What a great year! So many gigs, so many friends, so much music. 

I am available for bookings in 2018, so get in early with your requests, whether in the Herefordshire area or the Cornwall area.



Mack the knife 

Having spent a while learning a new[*] song and tried it out busking at the weekend I decided to record it for your delectation and delight.

Mack the Knife, written by Kurt Weill, is one of my all time favourite songs when sung by the likes of Satchmo and Bobby Darin

[*] When I say “new” I of course mean ‘new to me’, I still don’t play anything from this century!


I have several gigs coming up

Sunday 17th at the Left bank in Hereford as part of the Leftstock festival, I am playing from 3pm to 4pm

Saturday 23rd again at the Left Bank in Hereford from 4:15 to 5:00 at a fundraiser for Syrian refugees called “under one sky”

Wednesday 27th I’ll be at the Green Dragon in Malvern headlining their weekly music night which starts at 9pm.

I’ll gig in some open mics between these dates as well.

I hope to see you at one or more of these, especially as I have a new kazoo to try out!


Welcome to the blog of Robin Shaw, multi-instrumentalist, multi-talented, multi-located purveyor of Saharan Surf Music – a blend of the Great American Songbook, blues and rags, pop-tunes, and rock classics played on the ukulele, the kazoo, and the harmonica.

A vaudevillian for the 21st Century, Robin strides from Cornwall to Herefordshire and back again, pork-pie hat at a jaunty angle, playing all those tunes that you’ve forgotten you loved.
Check out the gig guide, you won’t regret it.

New instrument

I have recently added a new Ukulele to my ‘stable’ a Caramel Zebrawood sopranino. If you see me out busking, it will probably be the uke I am playing as it is easy to transport.

If you thought my normal Ukulele looked small, you need to see the new one, it is absolutely tiny, which is a bit of a challenge to get my fingers between the frets.

Hope you like Jammin’ too.

Isn’t it great when you go to listen to a gig and you get asked to play?
This happened twice recently, once at the Sunday Shambles in Cripplesease when I was asked to play a short solo set and then join in the jam at the end, and once at Reet Petite in Leominster where master bluesman John Snocken invited me up to join him on a few songs on Harmonica.