Robin spent 25 years playing trombone in the Mainline Big Band in Bedford, performing the music of Glenn Miller and his contemporaries in many of the very places Glenn Miller played.
On moving to Herefordshire, Robin took the trombone chair in the highly regarded Hereford Big Band. A long-time harmonica player, Robin joined a blues band in 2007 and continues to stand in with local bands to this day. More recently Robin has added ukulele and kazoo to his act, and through hundreds of open-mic performances and gigs around Hereford and Cornwall has honed to perfection a solo style that encompasses blues, folk, show-tunes, jazz, pop, and rock and which has come to be known as Saharan Surf music

Robin has played on a wide variety of stages from the Royal Albert Hall to local village halls and for audiences ranging from 1500 in an aircraft hangar to 2 or 3 in a pub. Whenever two or three gather together Robin will play.

Robin is also a family man living in the wilds of Herefordshire and can often be seen cycling around the lanes which is a great place to whistle through new arrangements of old tunes. Maybe he needs a handlebar mount for his ukulele.


Saharan surf music at its best

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