Gig guide

This is where Robin Shaw can be heard playing. Drop me a line if you want to know times/details, but they are mostly evenings unless it says otherwise.



1st – The Kettle and Wink, St Ives

9th – Dubs on the Wye festival, Ross on Wye, 17:30

15th – Upton Ukulele Festival, 2pm and 5pm in the Anchor Beam Room

16th – Upton Ukulele Festival, 2pm in the Social Club

30th – Secret Garden Summer Festival, Hereford, 14:00

Ledbury Fringe festival, dates and times TBA


6th – AM Fest, festival Abergavenny, 12:20 – 12:50

7th – Lion Inn, Trellech

9th – The Gatehouse, Monmouth

12th – Archenfield Arts festival, St Weonards, 14:00

15th – The Great Malvern hotel

17th – the Doghouse, Hereford

18th – Reet Petite, Leominster, hosting the open mic

19th – Ledbury Realms of Fantasy Festival 10:00 – 12:30

24th – the Fern Ticket, Cinderford

25th – Swan Hotel, Hay on Wye – 13:00

25th – How The Light Gets In festival, Hay on Wye – 20:15

28th – The Crown, Penzance

30th – The Kettle and Wink, St Ives

31st – the Copper house, Hayle


2ndthe Crown, Penzance

3rd – the Alexandra Inn, Penzance

3rd – the Studio Bar, Penzance

5th – Kenegie Manor Holiday Park, Gulval

9th – the Crown, Penzance

10th – the Alexandra Inn, Penzance

11th – the Trevelyan Arms, Goldsithney

12th – Kenegie Manor Holiday Park, Gulval

18th – the Grapes, Hereford

19th – Reet Petite, Leominster, guest slot with John Snocken

26th – the Doghouse, Hereford


17th – Hereford Butter Market – 11:30

21st – the Grapes, Hereford

25th – Easter market, SAH, Much Dewchurch

29thGrape Vaults. Leominster


1st – the Alma Inn, Linton

5th – the Lion, Trellech

6th – the courtyard, Hereford

16th – Red Lion, Madley

18th – the Kettle and Wink, St. Ives

19th – the Crown, Penzance

20th – the Alexandra Inn, Penzance

21st – the Trevelyan Arms, Goldsithney

22nd – the Star, Penzance


4th – The Alma Inn, Linton

16th – the Globe, Hay on Wye

19th – Reet Petite, Leominster

25th – the Grape Vaults, Leominster

26th – the Sun Inn, Leintwardine



1st – The Ruby Room, Hereford

5th – the Courtyard, Hereford

7th – the Alma, Linton

15th – The Red Lion, Madley

27th – The Queens hotel, St. Ives

27th – The Kettle and Wink, St. Ives


2nd – the Alma, Linton

3rd – the Ruby Rooms, Hereford

8th – The Red Lion, Madley

14th – The Firefly, Hereford

19th – Ross on Wye Christmas fair from 14:00

21st – The Globe, Hay on Wye

24th – the New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy

30th – The Cardinal’s Hat, Worcester from 16:00 

30th – the Grape Vaults, Leominster


3rd – the courtyard, Hereford

4th – Royal Oak, Ledbury

5th – the Alma, Linton

11th – the Red Lion, Madley

17th – the Retreat, Ledbury

23rd – the Crown, Penzance

24th – the Alexandra, Penzance

25th – St Ives Best, the Kettle and Wink, St Ives

26th – the Star Inn, Penzance

27th – the Kettle and Wink, St. Ives


5th – the Courtyard, hereford

7th – the Mill, Peterchurch

9th – Ross on Wye Busking festival.

12th – the Globe, Hay on Wye

16th – Leftstock, the Left Bank, Hereford 2-3 pm

17th – Leftstock, the Left bank, Hereford 3-4 pm

29th – the Royal Oak, Ledbury

23rd – Under One Sky, the Left bank, Hereford afternoon 4:15 – 5 pm

27th – the Green Dragon, Malvern

28th – the Grape vaults, Leominster (TBC)

29th – the New Harp, Hoarwithy


1st – The Alexandra Inn, Penzance

2nd – Inn the Bath, Penzance

7th – the Crown, Penzance

9th – the sandbar, Praa sands

14th – the Crown, Penzance

17th – the Star Inn, Penzance

21st – the Crown, Penzance

22nd – the Alexandra Inn, Penzance

23rd – the Kettle and Wink, St Ives

24th – the Star Inn, Penzance

25th – the Engine Inn, Cripplesease

31st – the Grape Vault. Leominster


3rd Ledbury Fringe (afternoon)

5th – Ledbury Fringe (afternoon)

6th – the Markethouse, Ledbury, followed by The Alma, Linton

11th – King Charles ii, Ross on Wye

18th – the Alexandra, Penzance

19th – the Kettle and Wink, St Ives

23rd – the Sunday Shambles, the Engine Inn, Cripplesease (afternoon)

24th – the Crown, Penzance

26th – the Kettle and Wink, St Ives

27th – the Star Inn, Penzance


1st – Alma, Linton

6th – The Courtyard Hereford

9th – Reet Petite, Leominster and Shobden airfield

10th – Village picnic, Llanwarne

13th – The Retreat, Ledbury

21st – the Gatehouse Monmouth

30th – The New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy


1st – The Crown Inn festival, Woolhope 2:30 pm

2nd – The Courtyard, Hereford

4th – the Mill, Peterchurch

7th – Steiner Academy May fair, Much Dewchurch 12:45

9th – the Retreat, Ledbury

16th – the Prince of Wales, Ross

23rd – the Prince of Wales, Ross

26th – the Engine Inn, Cripplesease

28th – the Engine Inn, Cripplesease


4th – The Courtyard, Hereford

12th – The Gatehouse, Monmouth

17th – The Crown, Penzance

18th – The Alexandra Inn, Penzance

19th – The Queens hotel, St. Ives and the Kettle and Wink, St. Ives

20th – the Star, Penzance

28th – The New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy 

29th – River carnival, Hereford

30th – Lionstock battle of the bands


2nd – The Alma, Linton

9th – the Talbot Hotel, Leominster

15th – the castle Inn, Little Birch

21st – Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

25th – Easter market, Steiner academy, Much Dewchurch

31st – the New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy


2nd – The Alma, Linton

4th – Dog & Rabbit cafe, St Just, Cornwall. 7pm

8th – Baskerville Hall, Clyro

9th – the Talbot Hotel, Leominster

13th – The Crown, Penzance

15th – St Ives Best, St Ives

16th – The Star, Penzance

21st – Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

24th – The Engine, Cripplesease


5th – the Alma, Linton

10th – Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

12th – the Talbot Hotel, Leominster

13th – Reet Petite, Leominster 8pm

18th – The Castle, Little Birch

20th – Mortimer’s Cross Inn, Mortimers Cross

25th-the gatehouse, Monmouth

27th – New Harp In, Hoarwithy



1st – the Alma Inn, Linton

6th – Courtyard, Hereford

8th – The Talbot Hotel, Leominster

13th – The Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

21st – the Castle, Little birch

30th – New harp inn, Hoarwithy


1st – the Alexandra Inn, Penzance.

2nd – St Ives Best, the Kettle and Wink, St Ives

3rd – the Star, Penzance

9th – the Castle Inn, Little Birch

10th – Talbot Hotel, Leominster

19th – Leominster

25th – New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy


6th – Alma, Linton

8th – de Koffie Pot, Hereford for the Sascha Kindred homecoming 6pm

11th – Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

25th – Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

28th – New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy

31st – the crown, Penzance


2nd – the Alma, Linton

3rd – Mortimer’s Cross Inn, Mortimer’s Cross


1st – the Crown, Penzance

3rd – The Kettle and Wink, St Ives

4th – Star Inn, Penzance

9th – Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

10th – Booth Hall, Hereford

17th – Whitefriars Alehouse, Coventry

21st – Sunday Shambles at the Engine Inn, Cripplesease 3pm

23rd – Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

26th – The Engine Inn , Cripplesease

29th – Newlyn Fish Festival, 13:40


July 1st – De Koffie Pot, Hereford, 9pm – 11pm free entry

July 5th – the Courtyard, Hereford & The Firefly, Hereford 

July 7th – The Alma, Linton

July 9th – Steiner Academy, Much Dewchurch – summer fair 1pm

July 12th- Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

July 18th- The Crown, Penzance

July 19th – The Alexandra Inn, Penzance 

July 20th – The Whitefriars, Coventry 

July 21st – the Firefly, Hereford 

July 23rd- Monmouth busking Festival

July 26th – Five All, Cheltenham

July 29th – The Engine Inn, Cripplesease


June 1st – St Ives Best, St Ives

June 6th – Courtyard, Hereford

June 11th – Left Bank, Hereford 4pm

June 13th – Royal Oak, Ledbury

June 21st – Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

June 22nd- Booth hall, Hereford

June 24th – New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy

June 25th – Courtyard, Hereford – Wye Valley Brewery’s Barrel of Laughs Comedy weekend 3:30pm

June 25th – the Bridge inn, Kentchurch 9:30pm

June 29th – Booth Hall, Hereford


May 1st – Battle of the Bands at Lionstock, Leintwardine

May 2nd – Royal Oak, Ledbury

May 3rd – Courtyard, Hereford

May 5th – Alma, Linton

May 10th – Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

May 16th – Royal Oak Ledbury

May 18th – Booth Hall, Hereford

May 21st – Mortimer’s Cross Inn, Mortimer’s cross

May 27th – New harp inn, Hoarwithy

May 30th – Crown Inn, Penzance

May 31st – Alexandra Inn, Penzance


April 4th – Crown, Penzance

April 5th – Courtyard, Hereford.

April 7th – Alma, Linton

April 13th – Booth Hall, Hereford

April 16th – Mortimer’s Cross Inn, Mortimer’s Cross

April 20th -Booth Hall, Hereford

April 24th – Plough Inn, Little Dewchurch

April 27th – Booth Hall, Hereford

April 29th – New Harp, Hoarwithy

April 30th – Ross beer and Cider festival 12:00
Hereford River Carnival, 15:00 at Castle Green and 16:10 at the Left Bank


March 3rd – Alma Inn, Linton

March 8th – The Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

March 16th – The Booth Hall, Hereford

March 18th – Hotspur Cafe, Shobdon Airfield

March 19th – Mortimer’s cross Inn, Mortimer’s Cross

March 21st – Busking in Hereford

March 25th – Engine Inn, Cripplesease

March 26th – Penzance Green Fair – Acorn Theatre, Penzance

March 29th – Alexandra Inn, Penzance

March 30th – Kettle ‘n’ Wink, St Ives

March 31st – The Star, St Just


February 2nd – The Courtyard, Hereford

February 4th – Alma inn, Linton

February 7th – England’s gate, Bodenham

February 8th – Royal Oak, Ledbury

February 9th – Prince of Wales, Ross on Wye

February 15th – Crown, Penzance

February 17th – St Ives Best, St Ives

February 20th – Mortimer’s Cross Inn, Mortimer’s Cross

February 24th – Booth hall, Hereford

February 26th – New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy


January 5th – The Courtyard, Hereford

January 7th – Alma inn, Linton

January 13th – Booth Hall, Hereford

January 16th – Mortimer’s Cross Inn, Mortimer’s Cross

January 29th – Sun Inn, Leintwardine


December 10th – RNC, Hereford

December 5th – Advent fair, Shire hall, Hereford

December 3rd – The Alma, Linton

December 1st – The Courtyard, Hereford

November 5th – The Alma, Linton

November 3rd – The Courtyard, Hereford

October 30th – the Engine Inn, Cripplesease

October 28th -St Ives Folk, the Western hotel, St Ives

October 27th – Studio bar, Penzance

October 17th – Hedgefest, the Steiner Academy, Much Dewchurch starting at Noon.

October 6th  – The courtyard theatre, Hereford

October 1st  – The Alma, Linton

September 20th – Festival of Sport, Hereford

September 13th – the Left Bank, Hereford

September 2nd – The Alma, Linton

September 1st – The courtyard theatre, Hereford

August 28th – The Engine Inn, Cripplesease

August 26th – The Kettle and wink, St Ives

August 24th – The Crown  Penzance

Robin on stage


Saharan surf music at its best

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